Dry Riser Systems

Dry risers are an essential fire fighting system that are designed for buildings exceeding 18m from the fire brigade access level to the top floor. Should this be over 50m then a wet rise would be designed and installed.

Dry risers consist of an external inlet breaching connection accessible from the road where the fire brigade connect their tender, charge the riser with water and connect their hose to the landing valve on the floor where the fire is. The fire brigade would then tackle the blaze using the tenders water supply and pump(s).

Wet Riser Systems

Wet risers are an essential fire fighting system for high rise buildings that have are greater than 50m in height from the fire brigade access level to the highest outlet.

With the system being a wet riser, the system is charged with water, fed from a water storage tank and pumped by either electric or diesel driven wet riser fire pump(s). Should there be a fire, the fire brigade would have instant access to pressurised water on every floor of the building that would provide 1500 litres of water per minute for a total of 45 minutes.

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