At A M Fire Systems we are committed to carrying out our projects in an environmentally aware manor. This is both a requirement from an increasing number of our clientele as well as an ethical endeavour on behalf of AM Fire Systems. We employ several practices/policies to reduce the companies’ carbon emissions, some of which are listed below:

  • Multiple occupancy of vehicles travelling to and from site. This applies to on-site personnel as well as management, design and estimating staff visiting site.
  • Correct disposal of all waste materials both on-site and in-office.
  • Recycling of waste materials when possible both on-site and in-office.
  • The close-down of computing/electrical equipment on a daily basis by our office staff.

At AM Fire Systems we are always looking for new ways to reduce our environmental impact as a company. Using the ISO 14001 approach to environmental impact enables the company to work more efficiently and reduce costs. These savings are passed on to our clients via our competitive prices. The ISO 14001 approach also ensures that we regularly examine new ways of enhancing our environmental credentials.