Stony Lane Occupied Residential Home

Residential Sprinkler Systems

Designed to BS 9251:2005 Sprinkler systems for residential and domestic occupancies-code of practice, this occupied residential home outside Huddersfield proved to be an interesting project. With ceilings already in place and varying void depths dictating when and where pipes could be ran above the ceiling, it was necessary for the system design to allow for boxing in of pipe-work in the most discreet and non-obtrusive manner. This meant that full hydraulic calculation of the system was necessary to confirm that any pipes taking less direct routes than would usually be commonplace were still hydraulically sound.

A residential sprinkler control valve was installed and residential concealed sprinklers used throughout.

The end result was that after the due amount of care was taken with regard to pipe routing, the CPVC pipe system was installed with the minimum inconvenience to elderly residence. AM Fire Systems personnel are always courteous and professional in keeping with our code of conduct, making us an ideal company to carry out such retro-fit work.