IBC Vehicles (Luton)

Industrial Fire Protection

As a nationwide company we have the capability to work competitively throughout the UK. At IBC vehicles in Luton we completed an extensive turn-key package including several hundred meters of 300mm diameter underground mains, new water supplies consisting of 2No 1600m3 water storage tanks, various control valves, sprinkler systems, hydrants etc.

With this being a turn-key package, AM Fire Systems also carried out several other parts of the project including:

  • Excavation and trench works
  • All associated pump house ground works
  • Pump house structure including a steel portal frame and cladding
  • All associated electric works within the pump house
  • All associated Monitoring equipment related to the new installation

Working to NFPA 13, FM and GM specifications for sprinkler systems as required, full hydraulic calculations (FHC) were produced for all work carried out on this plant. By carrying out such calculations we are able to concentrate our upgrade works in the areas that require it, ensuring that the upgrades are carried out in the most economical manner.

Other works carried out at IBC vehicles include sprinkler modifications/installations, hose reel modifications, foam and CO2 systems throughout various areas of the plant.