Quality Policy & Objectives Statement

A.M. Fire Systems Limited Quality Management System BS EN ISO 9001

A.M. Fire Systems Limited are dedicated and committed to the implementation and maintenance by all management and staff of the quality management system.

We recognize that a principle element in securing and controlling market leadership is a total dedication to quality, performance, customer satisfaction, service and continual improvement. The promotion of risk based thinking, satisfying the needs and expectations of relevant interested parties and the process approach are also considered to be essential principles regarding the effectiveness of the quality management system.

The Quality Manual details and documents those quality procedures and requirements. Constructed in the manner of BS EN ISO 9001 for the design, procurement, and installation and commissioning of fixed fire protection systems and to provide a quality service to meet customer specified requirements and expectations.

AM Fire Systems ISO 9001 Certificate

This statement is the mandate for their application. Failure of employees or sub-contractors to comply with the requirements of the quality management system may result in disciplinary or remedial action being taken.

The quality system requirements will be maintained by audits and reviews implemented with procedures outlined in the Quality Manual to provide a framework for establishing and reviewing quality objectives. These objectives will be formally set and reviewed annually at the Management Review meeting; this review will be conducted having regard to the review inputs and outputs. All reviews are documented.

The Directors have overall executive responsibility for quality and defined authority for ensuring that the requirements of the International standard is implemented and maintained and communicated within the company.

The Company is fully committed to ensure that all staff and management are trained and continually assessed to carry out their responsibilities in a conscientious and effective manner. All employees shall demonstrate a full commitment to quality workmanship and continual improvement and they must be committed to comply with the requirements and to continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.

Quality is everyone’s responsibility at all levels this will be lead and communicated by the Directors.

The Company Policy also ensures that provision to the customer of documentary and other evidence that the required quality assurance and inspection activities have been carried out.

The strategic objectives of the quality management system are:

  • To maintain and continually improve an effective Quality Management System complying with International Standard ISO 9001
  • To achieve and maintain a level of quality which enhances the company’s reputation with customers.
  • To ensure compliance with relevant statutory and safety requirements
  • To endeavor, at all times, to maximize customer satisfaction with the services provided by AM Fire Systems Limited
  • To have in place systems which prevent the occurrence of errors or problems and that appropriate mechanisms are used for corrective action.

Date: 13.07.2017
Andy Edmunds, Director.